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~ Tuesday, September 23 ~
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Satellite Call is a love song to the lonely. I was doing a lot of dreaming about sort of what it feels like to feel like you’re orbiting your own world you know, sort of anchor less and weightless. I think that sometimes when things feels uncertain at least I feel that way, where I feel like I’m kinda floating above my own life, so this is a song for those who are in that space and feel like they don’t know where they belong yet, and it’s really a poem and a love song to them.
Sara Bareilles about Satellite Call (The Blessed Unrest track by track commentary)

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Sara Bareilles sings “Smile” on the Emmys

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Is that what your swearing sounds like? (x)

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Sara Bareilles covers Sia’s Chandelier (Charlottesville, 07/12/14)

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~ Monday, September 22 ~


My cover of Sara Bareilles ” Love Song “

Got the karaoke version off of youtube, enjoy!

Love your cover! (This is not Sara’s official blog)

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Hello !!!!


I haven’t been as active as I would like to be on this page and I wanted to start with an apology. More importantly, I wanted to ask you all if you’d like to take part in a little project of mine.

December 7, 2015 will be Sara’s 35th birthday!

I want to create a fan video for her from us! This blog has a beautifully large following and I know if we pull together we can make something awesome happen.

All I would like you to do is send me a video or writing or audio snippet of you saying how you’ve been Brave this year and why Sara has made a difference for you. message me for more information ! I’ll give you my email if you inquire within my ask about the project.

Thank you darlings!

Kirah <3

Remember this is all for…

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Anonymous said: would you ever be willing to give this url to someone else? you're not on very much :(

I know! I’m so sorry. I’m changing this I promise. Life was crazy and I was mess for a while, but my life is in order and from now on I will show you all the love I have wanted to for so long. I promise.

Kirah (Admin)

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