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get to know me meme [3/5] favorite musical artists - Sara Bareilles
 ↳ You can have Manhattan, I know it’s for the best.  I’ll gather up the avenues and leave them on your doorstep.

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do you ever stretch and just MAKE THE LOUDEST SEXUAL NOISE EVER

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Anonymous said: Did you ever predict your fanblog fanclub to be so awesome!?

No… never… haha <3

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Anonymous said: Is Sara Bareilles gay or just pro gay rights? I've never really heard any pronouns (he, she) in her songs?

I believe she is simply a supporter of the LGBT community, but I don’t really know if she cares to share her sexuality with the public. As far as I know she’s straight, still, it could be otherwise.

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365 Days of Music → 4/365

Islands - Sara Bareilles

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Letter to my best friend

Dear Friend:

Please, let me hold you with words. Let me wipe your tears with letters. Wash away your problems with ideas. What a distress it is to have you so far away from me and not being able to hold you when you need it most; let me be near you and help you even though I’m so far away. Close your eyes and imagine me there, listening closely, holding your hand, and feeling your pain as mine. My dear friend, I feel your tears falling over my shoulders, let the rain come down upon us both and let it wash away your hurt and let your energy be born anew. I want nothing but to hold you close and live through this with you, I feel helpless here, incapable of soothing your pain with nothing but sound. I can only hope that words can help mend your broken heart and that time takes with it all the tears that you shed.

Life changes in unexpected ways and beats us to the ground, but our strength is counted not of how many hits we take but how many times we kept moving forward. And you will move forward, even if I have to push you through. I will carry you on my back if I have to, but I’ll be there. I’ll be there to walk with you and to let you understand in privacy; I’ll be there to hold your hand and away when you need to feel the space around you. I wish nothing but happiness for you and it tears my heart to hear you so brokenhearted. I can only imagine why would someone deliberately hurt someone who he once loved so much, why do people become strangers once we choose to walk away I do not know why, maybe it is because we never really knew them entirely, maybe it is because resentment can make you do things you never thought you were capable of, but the fact of the matter is, they change, and things are different, and you are different, the air around you might even feel different, maybe the sun doesn’t feel as bright anymore and the wind not as soothing, but here’s something that will never change: My friendship. I give you my word; I will always be there for you, no matter what. I will understand you when you think no one will and I will hear what you don’t even dare to utter to others.

I hope all the happiness to you always and I do, truly, wait for your return to the country so we can talk some more. Breathe in and out and let your mind wonder into beautiful places, where waterfalls shine upon the reflection of the sun and people in cities wander under fresh air and the tall trees of the parks.

I love you very much; take care.

Truly Yours,


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